Lululemon Keychain vs. Other Keychains

So we’ve all seen these Lululemon keychains all over TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest… but other designer keychains also exist ! And some of these other options might be better for you !

The Lululemon keychain is very practical and has a wristlet but not everyone is looking for a huge keychain with a big loop attached to it. Some people just want a nice and small one so they can fit it easily into a pocket or a purse. What we’re trying to say is there are tons of other options in all shapes and sizes so are some of the best ones we found ! Throughout this article there will be affiliate links and if you purchase through them it helps us out at NO extra cost to you ! We greatly appreciate your support !

Lululemon Keychain

So this is the Lululemon Keychain you’ve seen all over the internet. It is very recognizable, and very practical if you’re looking to carry your keys on your wrist. But if you’re just going to toss this into a purse or a wallet, then it might take up a little more room than you might want.

Coach Keychain

This Coach keychain is very similar to the Lululemon one, obviously. But the craftsmanship is definitely superior on the Coach keychain. It’s made of higher quality materials and is much more recognizable and readable. With that being said, it is significantly more expensive than the Lulu, but still not a bad price!

Small Coach Keychain

This Small Coach keychain is much smaller and won’t take up any of your precious purse space. It has very good reviews for being durable and for its great price.

Genuine Leather Airtag Holder Keychain

Now for the same money as one of those designer keychains you could buy an Apple AirTag and a Leather AirTag Keychain. This is great for someone who is looking for the ultimate practicality. Mix technology with style with this keychain, and never lose your keys again. This is also a great way for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s location by placing this keychain on their school backpack or some place similar.

Nike Lanyard

This is a much more cost effective way to have a cool recognizable brand keychain. This Nike Lanyard is a fraction of the cost of the other items on this list and it’s super popular. It also is really useful because the lanyard comes off when you don’t want to use it, making it much easier to store in a pocket or purse.

Keychain Pocket Clip

Here’s another practical and sort of more masculine kind of keychain. It has a rugged and durable look to it and its purpose is to clip to your pocket so your keys will never fall out of your pocket again. The simplicity of it mixed with this steel look is why this keychain made our list.