The Secret to the Vintage Clothing Market

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I’ve resold over 1,000 articles of clothing in the last year and I DON’T have a storefront. That might sound like a lot now, but in the clothing reselling business that’s pretty average. Keep reading and you’ll find a link to my depop page so you can get ideas or just copy exactly what I did. If you’re just looking to make some quick part-time money and not trying start like a forever business, then this is definitely for you ! And if you are trying to start forever business, then these are the exact first steps you need to take go get started.

How to resell clothes

There are two ways you can sell clothes; online or in-person. To sell clothing in-person you’ll just need some supplies, work ethic, and social skills. Selling in-person typically happens at reselling events and vintage clothing markets. Instagram is a great way to find these local events in your area and contact the hosts. Keep reading and we go in depth on exactly how you can do this successfully. Selling online is much easier and all you need to start is your phone ! Your phone will be used to take pictures and to post them onto the selling platform that you feel best fits your application. Keep reading to learn which clothing platform is best for your needs ! Reselling clothes is a great way to make some extra cash or even a full income !

Let’s go over the pros and cons of Depop, Poshmark, and selling in person. And I’ll even give you some tips and tricks so you don’t make the same mistakes that I made when I started ! And throughout the article I’ll post some links to some supplies that you’re going to 100% NEED to make this all way easier… believe me. Throughout this post will be some affiliate links and if you purchase through them it helps us out at No extra cost to you ! Thank you for your support !

here is the link to my depop account so you can see how i did it

HERE are some amazon links to the exact things i use for selling on depop

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Selling Clothes In Person

Selling in person can be super fun especially when you invite your friends and just hang out. How this is generally done, is you go to clothing reselling events such as “vintage clothing markets” and you set up a booth and clothing racks and you sit there all day and work it. You’ll definitely need a folding chair, so check out our article on The Top 5 Camping Chairs For Real Men. Like I said it’s super fun but there are some major downsides. The main one is that events often charge $100-$250 for a spot in their event. So you won’t be making a profit until you reach that amount. Also all these events are on weekends so if you plan on this being your primary way of selling, then say goodbye to your weekends. The positive side of this is that if you go to the right events you can make that initial set up fee fairly quickly. Selling in person definitely renders you the quickest sales. But it costs a lot more time and money to do. To set up a booth you’ll need clothing racks, price tags, a lot of inventory, a money box, possibly a canopy, and good social skills. And on top of that you need to write out all of the prices and then stick the price tags on the clothes and you need to organize them on the racks. It’s actually more work than you might think. And then on the day of the event you got to get up at 5am to go set up your area and you have to stay there all day long to work. I did this a few times and I definitely made a profit ! But I really just prefer being able to sell things online because it takes almost no time at all to post items and selling in person can absolutely feel like having a full-time job at times. But I know tons of people who do it full time and they really love the whole social aspect of it and everything. It really just depends on your personality type !

Heres a list of things you’ll need to start selling Clothes in person