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artificial image of the pope in a puffer jacket
AI or Real ? How to tell the difference between real photographs and AI
At the time of writing this post, Ai images are hyper-realistic and are quite difficult to distinguish from real images. However, thankfully there are still small, concrete, distinguishable, differences...
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3 Watches you Need to add to your collection
These 3 luxury watch brands create premium timepieces at a similar price. Let’s have a look at these companies, their offerings, and ultimately decide which one is best for you. Why these three? Rolex...
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NIke Dunk Lows : Top 5
Beginner’s Introduction to the Nike Dunk Low See : How the Shoe Market Works This site contains affiliate links that compensate us at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support ! Brief...
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How the Shoe Market works
The shoe market is not at all what is used to be. Back in the day, 1990-2010, shoes would release drop dates. On the drop day, people would line up `outside of stores and wait for them to open so they...
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flannel lined pants
FlannelGo Review
Legitimacy Yes FlannelGo is 100% legit. We understand buying from any site other than Amazon these days can seem kind of fishy but FlannelGo is 100% trustworthy. There are many reliable customer reviews...
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Carhartt WIP: Blending Durability with Street Style Elegance
Ever wonder how a workwear brand became a street style sensation? Meet Carhartt WIP, a label that redefined work clothes into streetwear, intriguing skateboarders, hip-hop enthusiasts, and style connoisseurs...
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nike af1 skeleton
Nike Air Force 1 : Why It's an Icon
The Nike Air force 1 is a shoe originally designed in 1982 for the basketball court ! The shoe was released in either all white or all black leather. This was a big step for Nike because the Air Force...
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Mens Hoodies
Hoodies are an absolute essential for the cooler days. They’re good for every day use, layering, beating up.. they’re one of the most versatile articles of clothing ever created. The kangaroo...
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Designer Summer Pool Slides
Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Slides A great value among the designer brand slides is the Polo Ralph Lauren Slide. They come in an array of colors but our favorite is this Forest green model. They are the least...
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