Mens Hoodies


Hoodies are an absolute essential for the cooler days. They’re good for every day use, layering, beating up.. they’re one of the most versatile articles of clothing ever created.

The kangaroo pocket plus the hoodie that protects your head from the weather is just an immaculate combo !

Hoodies are an absolute essential for a man’s wardrobe ! Everyone should have a solid collection of go to men’s hoodies in every color !

The current style trend has been favoring minimalist solid color hoodies with simple logos. The era of bright flashy graphics with a lot going on are starting to slowly die off.

Here are a few hoodie ideas and brands for you to add to your collection !

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Nike Hoodie

Nike hoodies are some of the most popular in the world. From schools to athletes to celebrities, virtually everyone has one of these in their closet. There’s plenty of designs, styles and colors to choose from.

Perhaps a name that will never go out off style is Nike, so this is a very safe option if you need a versatile hoodie to wear in any environment.

Nike Sweatshirt Organic Cotton

Nike Sweatshirts come in every color and design you can possibly think of.

Our favorites are definitely the the minimalist style, fleece embroidered sweatshirts that just have a timeless classic look. They’re made of an organic cotton blend that feels heavy, warm, and super soft.

The current style trend has been to order a size up to have an oversized fit. Not only does this make the sweatshirt more comfy, but it makes the long sleeves feel just the right weight and size to lounge around all day.

The Nike sweat pullover features a embroidered logo on a solid color making them super easy to mix and match with bottoms and sneakers.

They resemble the classic vintage crew neck style that rocked the 80s and 90s !

Carhartt Jacket

The iconic Carhartt jacket us a staple in the outdoor community. It was made popular by people who work outdoors like construction workers, lumberjacks, airport ramp employees etc.

And now the distressed look of a thick rugged carhartt coat is the style !

In recent years men and women have been buying these brand new or second hand just to get that distressed look and vintage feel.

If you haven’t considered buying or selling clothing, then check out our article on buying and selling second hand clothing !

Carhartt hoodies are warm tanks capable of taking any beating or whether you throw at them ! We highly recommend these coats due to the great quality that will last you a lifetime!

Some come with a hoodie and other come with a collar. These jackets and hoodies are made of the same material which is 600 denier heavyweight polyester and nylon !

These materials make them abrasion resistant, water resistant, wind resistant, and warm as hell !

So if you’re looking for a good quality hoodie that’s super warm and comfy, then look no further because you couldn’t rip or tear a Carhartt jacket even if you tried !

Carhartt Hoodie Pullover Hoodie

The Carhartt pullover hoodie comes in a regular soft cotton blend that makes for a soft hoodie. Or they come in a Carhartt Rain Defender Hoodie which is water resistant and built for the toughest jobs.

The Rain Defender is a new hoodie that is their latest model built for comfort and protection from the weather.

They make some of the best hoodies for men ! They have an entire catalog for every purpose, whether you need a zipped hoodie, a soft hoodie, a waterproof hoodie, a fleece hoodie… etc!

Another model they have is a sherpa lined and insulated warm hoodie for the extreme weather days.

The regular cotton hoodie is a loose oversized hoodie built for casual comfort and that’s what we love to hear. Its minimalist design features a small Carhartt logo stitched on the kangaroo pocket.

The most popular colors are white, black, light gray, navy blue but they also have like 10 more !

Fear of God Essentials Hoodie Quality Hoodie

The Essential popover hoodie is an extremely soft hoodie made of a very nice material. It feels so good on the skin and is, in our opinion, the best soft hoodie on this list.

It features the word Essentials across the front which of course is short for Fear of God Essentials.

The material is soft cotton blend but thick at the same time, it’s hard to explain but it’s just a great hoodie.

Also, the relaxed fit makes this hooded sweatshirt amazing for lounging around the house on your days off. The essential popover hoodie comes in flat earthy colors which is the current style trend !

And lastly, it comes at a very reachable price point of about $75 USD !

Champion Hoodie recycled cotton

Champion, the inventor of the hoodie, has an array of great options to choose from. And the brand recently regained popularity in pop culture with celebrities like Kanye West rocking it out in public ! It’s also the brand choice of Rocky Balboa !

Champion has a huge variety of hoodies including recycled cotton, a double lined hood, zip up hoodie, organic cotton, French Terry, ribbed hems, and so on.

They didn’t stop at the invention of the hoodie, they continue to innovate !

Who invented the Hoodie ?

Champion has claimed to be the inventor of the hoodie and it actually might be true ! The timeline adds up perfectly from the time they got the patent for the original Champion reverse weave sweatshirt and hooded sweatshirt in 1932.

The Champion reverse weave hoodie rose to popularity and carried the brand when it became the official sweatshirt of the National Football League NFL.