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White Sneakers are a staple in the fashion community. The cleaner they are, the nicer they look ! This phenomenon happens because we perceive people who have clean clothes to be clean and healthy and therefore more attractive.

And since our brains know how hard it is to keep a pair of white shoes clean, we recognize that people with clean white shoes actively care about their appearance and hygiene.

This is why white sneakers have been so popular for decades and why they’ll never go out of style !

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We made this list based off of Recognizability and Popularity ! You’ve likely seen all of these shoes out in the wild but might not have realized it. All of the shoes on this list are unisex.

The Nike Airforce 1 is probably the first and maybe the only shoe that comes to mind when you think of White Sneakers, that’s why we made this list to enlighten you and introduce you to a world of other white sneakers that might fit your style better !

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

The pair of shoes above are Alexander McQueen’s. They recently became very popular in the pop culture community. They’ve been worn by dozens of A-list celebrities and and athletes.

The Alexander McQueen signature is the large midsole, colored upper heel and the name Alexander McQueen written across the back.

This pair has the black heel but they also come in white, alligator skin, pink, blue, red, gold, silver and more.

They certainly aren’t the cheapest shoes on the list as they come in at a whopping $590.

But then again these aren’t your average white sneakers. These are well-known designer sneakers and anyone who recognizes them on your feet will know you spent a pretty penny on them.

If you want to take your fashion game to the next level, there’s no better way to do it than with Alexander McQueen’s Oversized White Sneakers !

Nike Air Force 1

Now you had to see this one coming. One of, if not thee, most recognizable shoe in the world is the Nike Air Force 1. You see these all over the world ! And nobody’s mad about it !

The Air Force 1 looks great, it’s well respected, and it’s actually one of the more comfortable shoes on the list. It was originally designed by Nike as a basketball shoe but it has since been adopted by pop culture as a lifestyle / walking shoe. You, more than likely, have seen someone wearing blue Levis jeans, a white t shirt, and a pair of air force 1’s.

If you’re looking for a safe, not flashy white sneaker then look no further. The Nike Air Force 1 is widely accepted as a great shoe and an affordable one too !


Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker

Gucci needs no introduction. Gucci is a world renown designer brand who made it big in the sneaker game just a few years ago. They gained traction in the popularity of their Gucci Ace sneaker around 2019 and now they have all kinds of color ways and styles !

Gucci offers simple all white sneakers with the iconic Gucci stripe on the side, as well as very flashy shoes like the one above with bright snake skin heels and the embroidered snake on the side.

Gucci shoes are more of a bold statement than other white sneakers. They’re very pronounced, brilliant, and exude a sense of fashion. The price for a pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers starts at $750.

Air Jordan 4 Military Black

This shoe will absolutely gain you the respect of the sneaker community. True sneaker-heads tend to stick to the retro Nike, Jordan, and Adidas Styles.

The way these classic sneakers are still being made is because they keep coming out with new colors or they’ll just rerun old colors that were popular.

The shoe itself was designed in 1989 ! It would be like a 1989 car being made exactly the same way for over 30 years but just with a different paint job. But we, the sneaker community, cannot get enough of them !

Their style is timeless and different color ways only make them better ! So to wear this 2022 color on a 1989 shoe is just soooo cool ! It’s instantly recognizable from anyone in the sneaker or basketball crowd. The price for a pair of these is $375.

Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda

You might’ve seen these around. Since their release in January of 2021, Nike has been having trouble keeping inventory of them. They have been flying off the shelves like no other.

Similar to the Jordan 4’s we just talked about, this shoe also is very old. It originally came out in 1985, but just like the Jordan 4’s, Nike kept coming out with new color ways and kept them alive and well.

This retro Nike Sneaker was respected among the sneaker community until Nike overwhelmed the market with inventory. So now this shoe that was supposed to be rare is now seen in every establishment you walk into. It is a very nice shoe don’t get us wrong !

But we also know that people who know nothing about sneakers tend to buy these shoes as posers. The only reason we mention that is so you aren’t surprised if one of your sneaker head friends or loved makes a comment about it.

But still these shoes are beautiful and classic and they match with literally any outfit you throw at them ! Because of their insane popularity, these shoes are on the cheaper side for Nike Dunk Low’s. The price comes in at $115.

New Balance 550

Yes we said it, New Balance ! They are fairly new to the sneaker game but they’re doing really well so far ! Their different accented color ways for white 550’s, like the ones above, have been a huge hit with the younger crowd !

They went viral on the internet for reviving this 1989 Basketball shoe with new colors. People have been raving about the retro vibes these shoes give. It’s a bit of a riskier take on an everyday white sneaker but only because it’s not as popular as its Nike counterparts.

White Vans Lowland ComfyCush

Vans is finally starting to join the Sneakers Game and we’re here for it. This is the Vans Lowland Comfycush and it gets its name from its ability to feel low but still comfy.

They’re leather low tops with laces and a shape that was clearly inspired by the Nike Dunk Low tops. These Vans are are also great because they’re one of the more affordable options.

They’re currently being worn and tested by skaters all over and the current word is that they’re comfortable, durable, and still low enough to feel like you can wrap your toes over the board to really control it during tricks like the original vans.

Chuck Taylors All-stars CX Flyease

Nike is the parent company of the Chuck Taylors Converse brand so it makes sense that after the Nike Flyease came out, the Chuck taylors brand version followed.

Flyease is a revolutionary technology that allows for a hands free on and off shoe. This tech not only gives handicaped or injured people access to the sneaker community, but it is also the way of the future !

You’ll never have to bend over to put a pair of shoes on ever again with these ! This is great for a go to everyday sneaker. Super quick, easy, and amazing for people who may have trouble putting on shoes the old fashioned way.

Aside from the practicality, we also think it looks great and the heal shape kind of looks like a Super Villain collar but in a good way ! It is clear that the silhouette of the shoe was inspired by the original Chuck Taylor all star.

What an absolute great pair of white kicks to give to someone who may have trouble wearing other ones ! Hands free shoes will absolutely be the way of the future !

White Crocs

Recently, Crocs went from a brand that nobody would dare to wear in public, to being a staple in todays sneakers culture. Crocs are an extremely durable flip flop with a closed toe design. The design is supposed to be comfortable and easy to put on.

They are extremely popular with the younger crowd ages 25 and younger. They also feature a strap that can be placed in chill mode, by flipping it up, or sport mode, by flipping it down to hold the back of your heel.

Another reason they are so popular is they are customizable ! They have these rivets called crocs charms and they’re basically rubber rivets that you can place in the holes on the shoes that have designed on them.