Stubble Beard Essentials

What is a Stubble Beard?

A Stubble Beard is a type of short, mildly-scruffy facial hair that is 1-3 mm long and happens approximately 1-3 days after a clean shave.

Many studies have been performed and have concluded that women find stubble beards to be the most attractive kind of beard on a man. Stubble beards are also perceived by both men and women to represent aggression and dominance but in a good way. This is likely because the brain associates dominance and aggression as a necessary means to provide resources for a woman or a family.

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Stubble Essentials

A Stubble beard, without these essentials, is at high risk for just looking scruffy and dirty. But with the right instructions and some quality products, you can achieve the perfect designer stubble look ! Let us show you how to grow a stubble beard and what products you need to maintain it.

A Razor + Shaving Cream

First things first, you need to clean shave your face. A clean shave is the foundation of the stubble beard. And similar to the foundation of a building it needs to be flat and leveled. Every hair must be cut perfectly flush against the skin so that when it grows, all the hairs are the exact same length. This makes the biggest difference between a dirty hobo stubble and a clean designer stubble. And the only way to achieve this is with proper shaving technique and a good quality razor.

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A Trimmer

A good quality trimmer is necessary to maintain the stubble beard’s length. And similar to the razor, a good quality trimmer is crucial to make sure that each hair is cut to the same length. Again, this is the difference between a clean stubble and a dirty scruffy mess. But keep in mind that Stubble Beards are not supposed to be perfect, so avoid using the trimmer too often. Only use a trimmer maybe once every two days just to keep the length of the hairs under control.

3 Great Stubble Beard Trimmers

Skin Care Routine For a Stubble Beard

The last Stubble Beard Essential is using decent skin product(s). It’s hard to pull off a well groomed stubble when you have greasy and pimply or dry and flaky skin ! Making sure your skin is looking as good as it possibly can will give you loads of confidence ! And most people don’t need a three hour skin care routine, smooth skin can be accomplished with as little as 1 minute per day.

Firstly, you’ll need a good quality face soap that you can use every morning and/or night to wash your face. Our research concluded that Brickell Face Wash For Men and Lumin Men’s Face Wash are the best bang for your buck on the market today.

Secondly, you’ll just need something to stop blackheads and pimples as soon as you notice them forming. There are lots of great products on the market but in our educated opinion, ProactivMD Adepalene Gel works the best and the quickest for most people.

Lastly, to maintain your Stubble Beard, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of beard cream or balm. These products help both the feel and the look of the hairs. Our favorite is The Art of Shaving Stubble Balm, it is not the most popular yet but it renders the best results by far !