There is an old saying that goes “You can tell a lot about a man by his watch and his shoes.” This line has resonated with business men for years and years. Any business veteran will tell you that when you meet other businessmen, the first thing they do is glance at your watch and shoes.

Since shoes are hard to take care of, clean shoes communicate that you care about your appearance and make an effort to look professional. We talk more about this in the intro to our article Shop White Sneakers . And your watch communicates your style and class, in a way.

A fine luxury watch is very respectable and communicates that you are financially well-off. And the style of the watch communicates a little bit about your personality and interests.

So if you’re in the market for a new timepiece, here are some classic, iconic watches that watch-people would instantly recognize !


The watch in the picture above is the ultimate icon in the watch world ! This watch is by far the most recognizable timepiece in existence. Everyone and their momma has heard the name Rolex, and this is their flagship model. The hour hand notably has a round Rolex symbol in the middle of it. It also features a unique black ring chronometer that is easily recognizable.

In fact, many other designer watch brands were inspired by the Rolex Submariner and now make a model that looks very similar to it as a tribute to its style.

It was designed with divers in mind. As far as water resistance goes, it is waterproof. It is also 100% corrosion proof and virtually scratch proof due to its design and impressive material list that contains sapphire crystal glass, platinum, stainless steel, and oystersteel. The power reserve contains at least 55 hours of battery.

These watches also come in a large selection of different face colors such as blue, green, red, brown, oyster, and rose gold. And they offer steel, rubber, or leather straps. For this reason it is not uncommon for people to have a whole collection of these watches.

The Rolex Submariner is an absolute tank that you’ll never have to baby or worry about. It’s built for any occasion on land or sea. And as far as impressions go, everyone loves and respects this watch. This particular watch exudes elegance and wealth. The price for this watch is around $9,100.


The Breitling Navitimer is especially popular in the aviation world. Suiting, because this was designed specifically with pilots in mind. Its intelligent markings are all tools to be used in aviation. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be one of the Navy’s fighter pilots to wear it.

In fact, most luxury watches were built for a very specific purpose but are very rarely used for their intended purposes. The truth is that these timepieces are to be worn and seen, our phones can do anything a watch can do but in a much better way.

So in the watch community there is no such thing as judgement for wearing watches outside of their purpose, it’s simply not a thing.

The busy face of this watch and the brand exude knowledge and intelligence. The leather band also makes it perfect for both dressy and casual occasions. The chronograph and altimeter are what makes these watches so recognizable. That, and many pilots in movies and tv shows can be seen rocking this watch.

The power reserve has been known to store 70 + hours of battery ! The Breitling Navitimer comes in many different styles, colors, and prices. This specific Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46, starts at $9,400.


Panerai watches have a very distinct look. Any watch person could spot one from a mile away. They have a rounded-edge squarish case with a circular face and a sort of bubbly magnified look.

Words almost can’t describe the unique look of this piece. This watch communicates simplicity and minimalist vibes. They look great and if you aren’t too crazy about the tools and markings on the Breitling and Rolex, then this Panerai Luminor could be for you.

Their magnified look also makes them great for people who struggle with vision ! Panerai also makes this model in many different colors but this specific one is the Panerai Luminor Blu Mare. It starts at $8,400.


The legendary “Tag.” Tag Heuer is best known for the Carrera and Monaco watches. These names of course, come from racing. In the same way that Rolex claims their watches are for divers, and Breitlings are for pilots, Tag Heuer’s are for race car drivers.

This is a very well known fact in the watch community and the home-plate shaped Tag Heuer logo is an unmistakable one. This watch separates itself from the others because it’s seen as a sporty, athletic style luxury watch. Not that it’s meant to be worn in the gym, but that it just gives an elegant sporty vibe.

In fact, Tag Heuer also sells many of their watches with a rubber watch-band because they recognize this to be their demographic. These timepieces are usually simple with dark colors which creates a beautiful, modern, sleek, aesthetic. The Tag Heuer Carrera starts at $5,750.


Bell & Ross was founded with military heritage in mind. They make their watches as tough enough to withstand anything you could possibly put it through. Their signature is the perfect square shaped case with the clear simple circular face. This watch is typically worn only by men due to its hefty design.

The screws on each corner, square shape, and overall heft of the watch adds to its industrial strong look. They typically come with a rubber or leather strap. This is for more flexibility of the wrist while out in the field. In our opinion, it is rare that watches are super distinct and bold with their looks which is why we believe a Bell and Ross watch would make a great selection for your collection.

Most Bell and Ross watches don’t have fancy tools or markings. Bell & Ross’s are simple timepieces that are absolute tanks ! This watch can also be spotted from a mile away. The unique shape of these timepieces looks rugged and masculine and respectable. The Bell Ross BR 03-92 starts at $3,400.


This particular model of the Rolex Day-Date is notorious for being worn by United States Presidents and other leaders all over the world ! The nickname ‘Rolex Presidential’ refers to this gold chain watch with the gold face.

There are other models with black or white faces but the Presidential is strictly the solid gold model. This is a dream watch for collectors. The Classic shape and solid gold color make it a great universal timepiece because it will go perfectly with any suit or outfit you throw at it.

If King Midas wore a watch, it would be this one. It truly is the Gold-standard for watches ! Depending on the condition of the watch, it can be had for anywhere from $16k-$38,000 USD.